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Can I just tell y’all….

… how blessed I feel? This business started officially in October.  For many many years I said, no, I will never go “pro”, then listed reasons why. BUT around the beginning of 2015 I started to think (to myself) about the “what if I did” scenarios.  Then I started praying about it.  I knew it would have to be a “God thing” as I like to call it.

Then it happened. I spent one day following a pro, Seneca Epley, (Seneca Epley Photography). The tug became an “it’s time”.  Another word – confirmation. I don’t know explain how I went from “God, should I go “pro?” to “God wants me to go “pro”. But I knew it in my heart and I WENT FOR IT!

I set up this business in October 2015 after being an “ameateur” for “x”  number of years. I was ready. And Seneca was there to help me get started! (Her blog even walks “wannabes” like me right through the process of getting started!)

Someone recently texted me, “What God commands God supplies”.  Which is VERY true.  Now I can’t say God commanded me to start this business but I definitely feel He lead me to start it.  I also believe He will supply it! He already has and will continue.  Both things like pricey gear AND each special client. He sends them my way.  Not just for beautiful pictures of beautiful people.  Nope.  This business is more than that. It is for relationship, connection, and giving Him all the credit.


Look so far what He has done:







Makes me smile and get a little excited for what He has ahead!


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