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Second shooter photos from Eric & Maggie’s special day! 7-9-16!

Joining Seneca Epley’s team as a second shooter for weddings has been a blast! For one, it is fun to spend a day with someone who shares your passion for photography. It is even more fun to be allowed to spend the day with a bride and groom on their wedding day! The excitement is contagious and the beauty of the day is just begging to be captured!

Here are a few of my detail shots and groom shots!

First up was THE DRESS!

2016-07-10_0001vpinAnd I know you want a closer look! 2016-07-10_0002vpinAnd one more because it is that gorgeous!2016-07-10_0003vpinMeet Eric. 2016-07-10_0004vpinKind and charming.2016-07-10_0005vpinNot a bit nervous.2016-07-10_0006vpin2016-07-10_0007vpin2016-07-10_0008vpin2016-07-10_0009vpin2016-07-10_0010vpin2016-07-10_0011vpin2016-07-10_0012vpin2016-07-10_0013vpin THE BOUQUETS!2016-07-10_0014vpinThe bridesmaids were stunning in these soft blush dresses.
2016-07-10_0015vpinOh the bride, y’all….. you will have to wait for Sene’s reveal!

The bride is full of grace and beauty! 2016-07-10_0016vpinBe watching for the reveal at and her Facebook page!


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