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Y’all, what is better than having a dream job???

Well, having TWO, of course!

I feel so blessed!

I am both a photographer and a church administrative assistant/tech assistant.

It’s funny that many people only know about me having one job or the other!

(And there are a few who think I am still a public librarian! 2006-2013)

Both jobs make me smile. A lot.

A lot.


My only boss is a kind Pastor (and myself)!

Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Pens. Post-its. Notepads. Love love love.padpenvpinbird2vpin

I know I am a tech geek. comp1vpinbird1vpin

Both jobs allow me to work with people.

Both jobs challenge me to grow and learn.

Both jobs allow me to serve so many people that I love.sdvpin

That’s why.

That’s why they are my dream jobs.expovpin

Serving my church family. Love.

Serving my community. Love.lensvpin

logo largevpin

Both jobs allow me to meet amazing NEW people (that I end up loving)!

I am very blessed.

And I would love to see you at EITHER of my “jobs”!

Come worship with me at First Baptist!

Come hang with me and we’ll take pictures!

Grab your Bible and we’ll talk about Jesus!

Either way.

It’s all a dream to me!





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