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Second shooting Eric + Brittany’s special day!

Each time I second shoot I am learning a wealth of business and photography information from my friend and fellow photographer Seneca Epley.

I have learned that the more the bride and groom trust the photographer the better the pictures!

Seneca knows wedding photography!

I have learned it is MUCH harder than it looks! But incredibly rewarding!

I am honored to be a part of it all each time!

What beautiful weddings we have been blessed to shoot!

This weekend was no exception!

We began at the Blackhawk Hotel in downtown Cedar Falls to shoot the bride getting ready.2016-07-18_0001vpinEach wedding I fall in love with the gown! This dress! The fabric!

And this flower girl’s dress was…

PERFECT!2016-07-18_0002vpinOne gorgeous bride! 2016-07-18_0003vpinThe bouquets were so captivating with unique flower combinations and creative design! 2016-07-18_0004vpinBrittany was stunning from head to toe!
2016-07-18_0005vpinAnd speaking of toes…… look at those adorable toes on the ring bearer!!!!

I have to admit I get a little distracted by the “littles”!

But can you blame me?!!
2016-07-18_0006vpinIt was beautiful day and a beautiful location for this outdoor ceremony!2016-07-18_0007vpinI was fighting back tears from the beginning!

The groom and this grandpa held hands down the isle.

The love melts me! 2016-07-18_0008vpin

The “littles”, from behind.

Ring bearer with his tiny box and those toes again!

UGH! the cuteness!2016-07-18_0009vpinHere’ comes the bride on her father’s arm!

I need tissues. 2016-07-18_0010vpin

Have you heard these two sing? I ask, because they are amazing and could be famous some day.
2016-07-18_0011vpinI am sorry, but the “littles” just keep being cute, even during the ceremony!2016-07-18_0012vpinThe tiny woman behind the business, Sene. 2016-07-18_0013vpinThese two could win “best bride and groom smiles” ever! 2016-07-18_0014vpin2016-07-18_0015vpinOn to Beaver Hills for the reception! It is beyond words!2016-07-18_0016vpinI told you so.2016-07-18_0017vpinB&E….2016-07-18_0018vpin2016-07-18_0019vpin

and one more to prove my “best bride and groom smiles” point…..


Join me in wishing this beautiful couple best wishes!

Eric and Brittany you blew me away!

I am so very happy for you!

And wish you the best in marriage and life!


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