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Meet JaNiese!

Oh, the old pictures I could post of this girl when she was little!

Daughter of some of our closest friends!

Now, a senior at Dubuque Senior High School!

She is simply a doll!

Not the frilly type, Just that cute!

See what I mean…

2016-08-22_0001vpin2016-08-22_0002vpin2016-08-22_0003vpin2016-08-22_0004vpin2016-08-22_0005vpin2016-08-22_0006vpin2016-08-22_0007vpin2016-08-23_0001vpin(The bridge was up over the Mississippi

AND there were 6 of us there,

so no risks were taken in grabbing these shots on the tracks!)2016-08-23_0003vpin2016-08-23_0002vpin2016-08-22_0008vpin2016-08-22_0009vpin2016-08-22_0010vpin2016-08-22_0011vpin2016-08-22_0012vpin2016-08-22_0013vpin2016-08-22_0014vpin2016-08-22_0016vpin2016-08-22_0017vpin2016-08-23_0004vpin2016-08-23_0005vpin2016-08-22_0018vpin2016-08-22_0019vpin

JaNiese! You shine!

I am so excited for you as you begin this last year of high school,

but even more to see what Jesus Christ will do in and through you in the days and years ahead!

LOVE you!



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