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Meet Kyra!

This is Kyra and her soon to be brother.

Their stories are similar.

They both were foster kids.

I first met Tristan at his two-year-old photo session.

Tristan and I had fun. I like to think we bonded.

Then a couple years later…. Kyra.

I took her one-year-old photos last winter but couldn’t share online any photos with her face in them

since she was in foster care.

YESTERDAY….. she joined a family!

2016-08-26_0001vpin2016-08-26_0002vpin2016-08-26_0003vpin2016-08-26_0004vpin2016-08-26_0005vpin2016-08-26_0006vpin2016-08-26_0007vpin2016-08-26_0008vpin2016-08-26_0009vpin2016-08-26_0010vpin2016-08-26_0011vpin2016-08-26_0012vpinAs the judge was talking, Kyra was just looking up at her momma, saying, “Momma,Momma, Momma.”2016-08-26_0013vpinWhen this day finally came…. the court process was very quick.

There was a lot of joy!

And beautiful smiles.
2016-08-26_0014vpinWe later met up with the family again for more photos to celebrate this special day!

2016-08-27_0002vpin2016-08-27_0003vpin2016-08-27_0004vpin2016-08-27_0005vpin2016-08-27_0006vpinThis little man still tugs at my heart, and so does his new little sister! 2016-08-27_0007vpinI think she’s got his heart too.
2016-08-27_0008vpin2016-08-27_0009vpinAnd now she has a beautiful family that adores her!2016-08-27_0010vpin2016-08-27_0011vpin2016-08-27_0012vpin2016-08-27_0013vpin2016-08-27_0014vpin2016-08-27_0015vpin2016-08-27_0016vpin2016-08-27_0017vpin2016-08-27_0018vpin2016-08-27_0019vpin2016-08-27_0020vpin2016-08-27_0021vpinThanks, y’all for making me part of your adoption day!

I love this beautiful family!

I pray God continues to bless them with joy and smiles!


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