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Meet Emily!

I look at girls like Emily and think, wow.

What a neat girl.

She may seem like a “typical Iowa farm girl”

and maybe she is, but

I see in her so many things I wish I had at her age….

she’s smart, confident, humble, and mature.

(Way, more than I was as a senior in high school!)

Meet Emily…. you’re gonna be impressed too!


I kinda love that she was happy to include her brothers in the photo session!2016-08-31_0002vpinYes, her eyes are JUST 2016-08-31_0003vpinthat.  gorgeous. 2016-08-31_0004vpinAnd this, hilarious.
2016-08-31_0005vpinShe’s a 4H rockstar! 2016-08-31_0006vpin2016-08-31_0007vpinThis dress!!! How gorgeous is she in this dress?!?
2016-08-31_0008vpinAnd still…. farm girl to the core. 2016-08-31_0009vpinYes, she looks SO much like her mother who is beautiful! And look at the laugh!2016-08-31_0010vpinJust adorable. 2016-08-31_0011vpin

She’s not just a pretty face and I think my camera was able to prove that and more!

Emily, you are beautiful. Lovely. Gracious.


Make this year AWESOME!!!!


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