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Meet Brooke’s Family!

I just love it when kids gift their parents a photo session for an anniversary gift!

It is a joy for me to be there for such a special occasion!

I felt so blessed to share this time with Brooke’s family!

Now let me share this beautiful family with you!

2016-09-11_0001vpin2016-09-11_0002vpin2016-09-11_0003vpin2016-09-11_0004vpin2016-09-11_0005vpin2016-09-11_0006vpin2016-09-11_0007vpin2016-09-11_0008vpinAnd boys are just meant for jumping and laughing!2016-09-11_0009vpin2016-09-11_0010vpin2016-09-11_0011vpinOh this doll! She melts me!2016-09-11_0012vpin
2016-09-11_0013vpinVery proud and happy grandparents!

Just beautiful!2016-09-11_0014vpin2016-09-11_0015vpin2016-09-11_0016vpin2016-09-11_0017vpin2016-09-11_0018vpin2016-09-11_0019vpin2016-09-11_0020vpinI so enjoyed this family and hope the rest of their day was as perfect as their photos!


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