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Meet Aaron!

Aaron is a great trap shooter, so it’s no wonder his gun was a big part of his senior session! And his hat! Ha ha! We had a great time at an acreage just outside of town capturing his gun, his hat, his car, his smile and even his laugh!

Here are highlights from his senior session:

2016-10-09_0014vpin2016-10-09_0015vpin2016-10-09_0016vpin2016-10-09_0017vpin2016-10-09_0018vpin2016-10-09_0019vpin2016-10-09_0020vpin2016-10-09_0022vpin2016-10-09_0023vpin2016-10-09_0024vpin2016-10-09_0025vpin2016-10-09_0027vpin2016-10-10_0002vpinCongrats, Aaron!

I look forward to seeing where you go in life!

Go for it!


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