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Meet Emily!

I  just meet Emily on Sunday.

Once you meet her, you like her.

She has such a “cool vibe”, calm and comfortable.

It totally came through in her photo session!

We had so much fun!

We began with a special guest in her photo shoot.

Meet Simon.

2016-10-12_0004vpinDon’t you just LOVE him?!2016-10-12_0005vpin2016-10-12_0006vpinThey clearly love each other!2016-10-12_0007vpin2016-10-12_0008vpin2016-10-12_0009vpin2016-10-12_0010vpinShe plays guitar.

I told you she was cool. 2016-10-12_0011vpin2016-10-12_0012vpin2016-10-12_0014vpin2016-10-12_0015vpin2016-10-12_0016vpin2016-10-12_0017vpin2016-10-12_0018vpin2016-10-12_0019vpin2016-10-12_0020vpin2016-10-12_0021vpin2016-10-12_0022vpin2016-10-12_0023vpin2016-10-12_0024vpin2016-10-12_0025vpin2016-10-12_0026vpin2016-10-12_0027vpin2016-10-12_0028vpin

What a doll.

She is hoping to head to off the ISU next year!

I knew I liked that girl! *wink*

Congrats Emily!

Continue to rock your senior year!

And one more…. a special photo.



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