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Meet Addison!

I have been dying to meet her.

I don’t have a studio yet,

so we made a mini studio in a kitchen corner  to get some sweet pics of this little angel!

Now it is your turn to

meet Addison! 2016-10-24_0024vpinShe is crazy cute!2016-10-24_0025vpinShe quickly decided that picture time seemed like a good time to take a nap.

Fine with me!

How angelic is she sleeping!!??
2016-10-24_0026vpin2016-10-24_0027vpinShe can rock floral leggings.2016-10-24_0028vpin2016-10-24_0029vpinShe woke up and found her daddy. 2016-10-24_0030vpinShe found me mildly interesting. 2016-10-24_0031vpinIt was a beautiful day so we went down by the river for some family pics!

How beautiful is this little family!? 2016-10-24_0032vpin2016-10-24_0033vpin

I adore these parents!

Momma is just an amazing woman! She’s so fun, and funny, and smart, and stunning!

Daddy is sweet and he can preach!

And if you know Autumn, you know I had to post this photo!

2016-10-24_0034vpin2016-10-24_0035vpinAddison does look like her daddy but this profile, hmmmm, looks a little like her momma!
2016-10-24_0036vpin2016-10-24_0037vpin2016-10-24_0039vpinI LOVE you, Addison!

Come back to visit me again soon!

Autumn and Tyler, it was so fun to see y’all again too!




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