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Meet Joe!

He is an amazing athlete, so it only makes sense we had an entire shoot devoted to his sports!

For this session, we started on the football field, ran on the track then hit the school gym for basketball!

Here are the highlights!

2016-10-26_0001vpin2016-10-26_0002vpin2016-10-26_0003vpin2016-10-26_0004vpin2016-10-26_0005vpin2016-10-26_0006vpin2016-10-26_0007vpin2016-10-26_0008vpin2016-10-26_0009vpin2016-10-26_0010vpin2016-10-26_0011vpin2016-10-26_0012vpin2016-10-26_0015vpin2016-10-26_0016vpin2016-10-26_0017vpin2016-10-26_0018vpin2016-10-26_0019vpinCongrats Joey!

May you catch, score, shoot, win, pass, dunk, and fly through your senior year!


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