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Meet Heidi!

Y’all the timing was perfect!

She’s from Illinois but also calls Stuttgart home.

 Me, I live in Iowa but call Stuttgart home too!

We managed to visit at the same time over Thanksgiving!

She’s a senior, I am a photographer!

AND we found some rice still in the field!

Here are her senior session highlights!2016-11-28_0001vpin2016-11-28_0002vpin2016-11-28_0003vpin2016-11-28_0004vpin2016-11-28_0005vpin2016-11-28_0006vpin2016-11-28_0007vpin2016-11-28_0008vpin2016-11-28_0009vpin2016-11-28_0010vpin2016-11-28_0011vpin2016-11-28_0012vpin2016-11-28_0013vpin2016-11-28_0014vpin2016-11-28_0015vpin2016-11-28_0016vpin2016-11-28_0017vpin2016-11-28_0018vpin2016-11-28_0019vpin2016-11-28_0020vpin2016-11-28_0021vpin2016-11-28_0022vpin2016-11-28_0023vpin2016-11-28_0024vpin2016-11-28_0025vpinbpp_1191-1comp2vpinCongrats Heidi!

You really should give ISU a look!

We would love to have you nearby!




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