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Meet Alecia + Clayton!

Oh, y’all!

This southern girl has never had so much fun in FREEZING temps! Ha!

I LOVED shooting this winter wedding!

The falling snow was STUNNING!

It is always an honor to be asked to be a part of someone’s special wedding day!

This family is special to me as well! I LOVE them!

I again had the joy of being “second shooter” taking a lot of the creative and or non-traditional photos!

So here we go, y’all…. meet Alecia and Clayton!

First the handsome groom…

2016-12-19_0001vpin2016-12-19_0002vpinThose standing up with the groom and the ushers…. what a crew!
2016-12-19_0003vpin2016-12-19_0004vpinOne of these things is not like the other….2016-12-19_0005vpin
2016-12-19_0006vpin2016-12-19_0007vpinTime for the father to see is daughter…..2016-12-19_0008vpin(That’s Donna Busch… the wedding photographer! She is amazing!)

Now this one seriously made me cry!!!2016-12-19_0009vpin2016-12-19_0010vpinTime for the groom to see his bride!2016-12-19_0011vpin2016-12-19_0012vpin2016-12-19_0013vpinThis girl was sooo ready for her snowy outdoor bridal photos!

And how STUNNING… a beautiful and creative “guest book”! 2016-12-19_0018vpin2016-12-19_0019vpinThe sanctuary was beautiful!
2016-12-19_0020vpinAnd….. HERE is the BOUQUET!!!
2016-12-19_0021vpinY’all, I am so distracted by toddlers…. this girl! I was smitten!!!2016-12-19_0022vpin2016-12-19_0023vpin2016-12-19_0024vpinTHIS, y’all is my favorite part……
2016-12-19_0025vpin2016-12-19_0026vpinTime to pronounce them husband and wife!
2016-12-19_0027vpinClayton, you may kiss your bride!2016-12-19_0028vpin2016-12-19_0029vpin2016-12-19_0030vpinGuests were able to wish the couple their love! And this great grandma didn’t hold back!

And this great grandma didn’t hold back!
2016-12-19_0031vpin2016-12-19_0032vpinThe reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony!
2016-12-19_0033vpin2016-12-19_0034vpin2016-12-19_0035vpin2016-12-19_0036vpinWhat a beautiful and sweet couple!

I wish you both the very best in life and marriage!

Congrats y’all!

Thank you again for asking me to second shoot your wedding!


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