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Meet Alecia and her cows!

Wonder why it snowed and snowed and snowed on Sunday? 11 inches!? This girl.  She wanted some fresh fluffy snow for a photo session in her winter wedding dress, with her cows too, of course!

Y’all know I don’t love the cold but with boots, lots of layers and a camera in hand I could not have been having MORE fun! I already LOVE this family and we just made even more great memories together!

2017-03-15_0002vpin2017-03-15_0003vpin2017-03-15_0004vpin2017-03-15_0005vpin2017-03-15_0006vpin2017-03-15_0007vpin2017-03-15_0008vpin2017-03-15_0009vpin2017-03-15_0010vpin2017-03-15_0011vpin2017-03-15_0012vpin2017-03-15_0013vpinGetting down in the snow….. both of us.  Worth it! 2017-03-15_0018vpin2017-03-15_0019vpin2017-03-15_0020vpin2017-03-15_0021vpin2017-03-15_0023vpinWe interrupted someone’s farm chores, for one or two pictures! 2017-03-15_0024vpinBut it was for a perfect reason. 2017-03-15_0025vpin2017-03-15_0026vpin2017-03-15_0027vpin2017-03-15_0028vpin

They are already living happily ever after, now there are just more photos to prove it!

The only photo we missed was one of the snow boots under that gorgeous dress!


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