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Meet Haley!

Haley is such an impressive athlete! Trust me! She “kills it” on the track! I already knew that! Well, I found out she can “kill it” in a photo session too! Wow! Crazy beautiful smile! And such a sweet and kind girl! I loved shooting her and getting to know her and her mom!

Now for the highlights! It was sooooo hard to pick favorites!

2017-04-11_0001vpin2017-04-11_0002vpin2017-04-11_0003vpin2017-04-11_0004vpin2017-04-11_0005vpin2017-04-11_0006vpin2017-04-11_0007vpin2017-04-11_0008vpinI just love to stare at this one. Stunning!!!!2017-04-11_0009vpinAdorable.  Just Adorable!

And Haley and I share a love for ripped up jeans! *smile*2017-04-11_0010vpin2017-04-11_0011vpin2017-04-11_0012vpin2017-04-11_0013vpin2017-04-11_0014vpin2017-04-11_0015vpin2017-04-11_0016vpin2017-04-11_0017vpinIs this my fav?  I can’t decide! 2017-04-11_0018vpin2017-04-11_0019vpin2017-04-11_0020vpin2017-04-11_0021vpin2017-04-11_0022vpinThis might be my favorite. Ok, it is. Is it yours too?2017-04-11_0023vpin2017-04-11_0024vpin2017-04-11_0025vpinThis is so gorgeous too…. add to favs! 2017-04-11_0026vpin2017-04-11_0027vpin2017-04-11_0028vpin2017-04-11_0029vpin2017-04-11_0030vpin2017-04-11_0031vpinHaley you shine!!!

Congrats and best wishes as you graduate in just a couple months!!!


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