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Meet Jaylie!

I meet Jaylie and her mom this week! I love them both! Like, I want to be friends with them now.  They may not get rid of me. They are both fun to be around, both taller than me, and BOTH beautiful! They look a lot a like too! But you only get to see Jaylie, she IS the one graduating in just a month and a half! Congrats Jaylie! I LOVED shooting you! Check out the highlights of our fun time together! 2017-04-19_0001vpin2017-04-19_0002vpin2017-04-19_0003vpin2017-04-19_0004vpin2017-04-19_0005vpin2017-04-19_0006vpin2017-04-19_0007vpin2017-04-19_0008vpinI told you! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I could shoot a million pics of her and never get bored! 2017-04-19_0009vpinMy first session with a girls softball senior! TOO FUN!2017-04-19_0010vpin2017-04-19_0011vpin2017-04-19_0012vpin2017-04-19_0013vpin2017-04-19_0014vpin2017-04-19_0015vpin2017-04-19_0016vpin2017-04-19_0017vpin2017-04-19_0018vpin2017-04-19_0019vpin2017-04-19_0020vpin2017-04-19_0021vpin2017-04-19_0022vpin2017-04-19_0023vpin2017-04-19_0024vpin2017-04-19_0025vpin2017-04-19_0026vpinJust stunning, Jaylie! Can’t wait to see you walk down and grab that diploma next month!

Then you’ll be off to even more amazing things!



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