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Meet Grace, y’all!

Editing her senior session was a little emotional ya’ll.

She’s become the amazing woman I dreamed she would become!

She has always been a few weeks older than my Jedd. But not ever bigger!

These are just a few pics from just their first year of life!


Now, she is graduating! Ugh. And I am sooooo proud of her!2017-04-26_0001vpin2017-04-26_0002vpin2017-04-26_0003vpin2017-04-26_0004vpin2017-04-26_0005vpin2017-04-26_0006vpin2017-04-26_0007vpin2017-04-26_0008vpin2017-04-26_0009vpin2017-04-26_0010vpin2017-04-26_0011vpin2017-04-26_0012vpin2017-04-26_0013vpin2017-04-26_0014vpin2017-04-26_0015vpin2017-04-26_0016vpin2017-04-26_0017vpin2017-04-26_0018vpin

Of course my favorite thing about you is how much you love Jesus,

second I love how you love life!

You shine!

You are joyful!

You are going to have a blast wherever God takes you in life!

Congrats Grace Alice!

I love you!


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