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Meet Josh & Paula

My first wedding of the year second shooting for Seneca Epley Photography! It is always such a privilege to shoot weddings (especially #senebrides)  and I learn so much about photography every time! Second shooting is the job with much less pressure, and lots of latitude for creativity and leaves room for some “snapshot” type photos as well!

My first job is always the dress shots!

So fun!

I begin to just imagine the joy of the bride in finding “the dress”!


So here we go! First,

meet Josh…. kinda quiet, Mn farm boy;

he’s so kind, and so handsome!


Soon after or even simultaneously to meeting Josh you will likely meet Matt! The are such a fun pair!

2017-06-05_0024vpin2017-06-05_0022vpinReally, he should get a prize for “Best Best Man”!

2017-06-05_0033vpinReading his letter from his bride!
2017-06-05_0026vpin2017-06-05_0025vpinTime for the first look!

I almost cried.

Ok, I “welled up”!

2017-06-05_0030vpin2017-06-05_0028vpin2017-06-05_0029vpin2017-06-05_0027vpinOh the way she looks at him, and how he looks at her!!!


I always snag a couple ring shots as they pose….. love this pose and love these rings!2017-06-05_0032vpin2017-06-05_0031vpin

Now bring in the bridal party! 2017-06-05_0001vpin2017-06-05_0002vpinThis girl, also gets the award for BEST maid of honor!2017-06-05_0005vpin2017-06-05_0006vpin2017-06-05_0007vpin2017-06-05_0008vpin2017-06-05_0009vpin2017-06-05_0003vpin2017-06-05_0010vpin

2017-06-05_0004vpinDuring the ceremony I found a great spot in the balcony! Again I get to focus on just key photos that I think deserve special attention!

2017-06-05_0011vpin2017-06-05_0012vpinTwo of my favorite moments ……the kiss and the look going down the aisle!

Ugh. So sweet!


These are just a FEW of the highlights from this amazing wedding!

Check back soon at for the official blog post of that day!

Thank you Paula and Josh!

Thank you Sene!

What a joy to share in this special day!


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