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Meet the Slischewskis!

I already liked them.

Now I love them!

They are a missionary family that our church supports each month!

2017-07-03_0001vpin2017-07-03_0002vpin2017-07-03_0003vpinWilli and Heidi! SOOO nice and easy to get to know!2017-07-03_0004vpinThese two little angels of theirs…..

they are so loving!

To each other

and even to me!2017-07-03_0005vpin2017-07-03_0006vpin2017-07-03_0007vpin2017-07-03_0008vpin2017-07-03_0009vpin2017-07-03_0010vpin2017-07-03_0011vpin2017-07-03_0012vpin2017-07-03_0013vpin2017-07-03_0014vpin2017-07-03_0015vpin2017-07-03_0016vpin2017-07-03_0017vpin2017-07-03_0018vpinPraying for each of you!

Enjoy your time left in the US!


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