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Meet my man and my new Senior!

This man of mine, he will do anything, for anyone.

Including model for me when I am testing lighting set ups!2017-07-09_0001vpinAnd he poses. And poses. 2017-07-09_0002vpinThis is my new Senior. He is just as goofy as his daddy!2017-07-09_0003vpinHe is both handsome and hilarious! 2017-07-09_0004vpin2017-07-09_0005vpinHe is more comfortable being goofy.
2017-07-09_0006vpin2017-07-09_0007vpinCan you tell?2017-07-09_0008vpinHe likes to create new poses too.2017-07-09_0009vpin2017-07-09_0010vpin2017-07-09_0011vpin2017-07-09_0012vpin2017-07-09_0013vpin2017-07-09_0014vpinI don’t know what I will do when he graduate. 2017-07-09_0015vpinFor now I will just LOVE every moment I get! And of course this is just the first of MANY many senior photo sessions this boy will have this next year! HA!2017-07-09_0016vpin


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