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Meet Claire, y’all!

This session y’all!

It started in the gym!

Kinda hot in there but sooooo worth the time!

She rocks at volleyball so there was no chance we could miss these shots!

Here are some highlights!

2017-07-15_0013vpinAfter the gym we went downtown for a few casual shots and found flowers blooming too!

2017-07-15_0023vpinClaire has such a stunning look!
2017-07-15_0022vpin2017-07-15_0021vpinAnd her smile is so relaxed! I LOVED every shot of her! 2017-07-15_0020vpin2017-07-15_0019vpin2017-07-15_0018vpin2017-07-15_0017vpin2017-07-15_0016vpin2017-07-15_0015vpin2017-07-15_0014vpin2017-07-15_0012vpin

Next we headed to a field to grab the warm glow of that pre-sunset light!

She fit into the beauty of the sunset perfectly!


I hated to even end our session.

I just wanted to keep shooting her!

It is obvious why….

2017-07-15_0032vpin2017-07-15_0033vpin2017-07-15_0034vpinClaire, I loved our time together!

Congrats on your senior year!

My followers will definitely be seeing more of you throughout the year!

Thank you for the amazing session!


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