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About me!

I am an Arkansas girl.

2016-08-11_0001vpinI grew up on a rice farm.

I married an Iowa boy,

 and now I live in and love Northeast Iowa!

I honestly LOVE the summers here and surviving the winters!

I fell in love with photos way back in the days of polaroid Instamatics.

Today I melt over SHARP, color-saturated, vibrant, perfectly lit pictures!

I dressed up as a “photographer” on career day in 1985,  

I just LOVED pictures even then. 

There is something about capturing moments in photos that have always had a grip on me.  

Even if it involves me in very unflattering cargo pants from 1985.

Example A:

1985 – Career Day


When I became a mother I was desperate to document every cute moment of the lives of my precious boys.

I wanted every cute moment to STOP so I could enjoy it a little longer.  

I also wanted to document their chubbiness.

Example B:

225368_5135218834_6159_nvpinEvery cute thing they did I took a picture or video.

These were still the days of film cameras, trips to Walmart –

excited to see “how they turned out”,

double prints – so I could send a set to my moma in Arkansas,

and getting black and white film to take black and white pictures.

Example C:


These little boys are now grown! One in college and one a senior in High School!

One of my passions has now become my career.

It is now my business.

I love making new friends at every session.

It is a joy to capture moments for others.

I want to show the beauty of each individual in my photography!

YOU are beautiful and I want to show everyone!

Don’t be nervous!

Book a session today!