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I was the second shooter at Ben + Whitney’s wedding….

… and it was awesome!!!

First, look up Monticello, Iowa on the map.

The family and friends at this church and wedding were the kindest, down to earth people!

I could live there.

Meeting Ben + Whitney… icing on the cake!

haha… get it??

Here’s the sneak peek….

FIRST…. the dress!!!


Meet Ben. 2016-08-08_0015vpin2016-08-08_0016vpinHe has dimples!

And I was smitten,

probably because my baby Russ has dimples and he is leaving me in 11 days for college.

Back to Ben…

Oh, the beauty of these bridesmaids in purple with lavender and cream-colored roses!2016-08-08_0001vpinTheir hair was stunning too! ALL of them! Perfect! And it stayed put all day! 2016-08-08_0002vpin2016-08-08_0003vpinThese guys…. hilarious. 2016-08-08_0004vpin2016-08-08_0005vpinOk, a flower girl trying to wrap up in the veil?!?! Too cute!!!2016-08-08_0006vpinThese two angels ….tossing pedals perfectly!2016-08-08_0007vpin2016-08-08_0008vpinThe littlest one trying to pick them ALL up….


2016-08-08_0011vpinAnd my favorite part! Here comes the bride….2016-08-08_0012vpinBen + Whitney… two VERY beautiful people.

Now married.

Now husband and wife!
2016-08-08_0013vpinYou can see the WHOLE wedding

and the fun at the Jones County Fairground for the reception

on Sene’s blog tomorrow!

Don’t miss it!